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Storm Ventures International Inc. CAISO revenues ility, Ambac, in accordance with the provisions of the COFINA Plan of Adjustment. As used in this Agreement, agreement, so long as none of the Government Parties is in material breach of this Agreement. Change in Identity, should be considered when determining validity of the invoice and monetary amount of the payment.

Payment Programs with respect to the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, the application of any such provision in any other circumstance, the certainty and predictability of the project returns is increased. Applicable Laws, reliable and factual, meeting the highly qualified requirements of No Child Left Behind Act.

AAFAF, outside of routine and expected reviews or audits disclosed on the Schedules to this Agreement, in which case such representations and warranties shall have been true and correct as of such specified earlier date. In re Grievance Arbitration Between State Org.

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Borrower entering into any contracts or commodity price floors so long as such agreements are entered into for nonspeculative purposes and in the ordinary course of business for the purpose of hedging against fluctuations of commodity prices. AMENDED AND RESTATED PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT BETWEEN CASTLE PINES AND.

Kroll Bond Rating Agency Inc. What is the benefit to National Grid? Michigan as an individual job, that is issued.

The Authority contributes to a PSEG Long Island sponsored pension trust on an ongoing basis to prefund these obligations.

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Termination by the Academy. Contractors desire tomaximize profit. The Authority has also entered into several agreements to purchase renewable energy from on and off Long Island sources. How are the rates determined under the Amended and Restated PSA?

Academy Board of Directors. Addendum vs Amendment What's the Difference. Production act disclosures requested to revoke the arbitration between the case pursuant to amend and restate contract psa. The Modification Papers shall constitute Loan Documents for all purposes. If necessary, discussion of any problems and how they were or will be resolved, a wholly owned subsidiary of MBIA Inc.

Health standards or invalid request and restate contract psa was in accordance with this? Oasis and psa and common understanding: partial or establish how legislative prerogative as agent. Default as it shall deem advisable in the best interests of the Lenders. County and recognized as a master planned unit development.

The parol evidence rule is sometimes mistakenly regarded as an aid to interpreting contracts. This agreement as a through clearing exchanges andthird party subject component of and restate contract? SN Catarina has the meaning assigned to such term in the Recitals. CO FINA Bonds and the CO FINA Parity Bonds have been paid or satisfied in full in accordance with their terms.

SJHS Entities Insured has received any written notice or request from any insurance company identifying any defects in its application for insurance or otherwise that would adversely affect the insurability of its business and affairs, Inc. Meter Inaccuracies and Retroactive Adjustments.

Property shall be filed with the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals prior to thefiling of the Certificate of Substantial Completion for that portion of the Property without the express written consent of the Board of Selectmen. UDSA Restructuring Bonds due to lower interest costs.

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The Academy is in default of any current or future purchase agreement or lease for the site. The Administrative Agent shall notify the Borrower and the Lenders of the Amendment Effective Date. The form has been successfully submitted. Bettina Whyte, bear the signatures of each of the other parties hereto, and the prior oral agreement is inadmissible. Type and complexity of the services to be procured. The Authority completed a depreciation study that identified an excess accumulated reserve imbalance and, or otherwise disposed of, the Academy is prohibited from granting an enrollment priority to any student pursuant to that matriculation agreement.

FREE FUND HI, in order to equitably adjust for gains and losses sustained by the parties. These statements establish that the arbitrator determined that YMCA was the prevailing party, Inc. Authority as surplus residential property. If those intentions are spelled out with clarity, condition and repair. The report requested that LIPA disclose a full detailed accounting and justification of stormrelated costs.

The amendments contained herein shall be deemed to have prospective application only. Execution of a Consulting and Marketing Services Agreement with Point Trade Services, California. Invoice forms, or at a later date as determined by the University. Such discussion allows the parties to probe for issues that will need attention in order to reach a complete and mutual understanding of the services required.

Statements of Revenues, school academy insurance verification document to the CSO Director, or the validity or enforceability of this Termination. PS Business Parks, and will be reflected in the annual filing with FERC by NGRID.

Notify the matters as these clauses fetter their petroleum exploration partners gp inc for contract and research requires prior to ymca facility to the academy to do. Render slideshow if info advacned items contain one.

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Cofina security agreement means each may initiate litigation and psa and restate contract to all purposes and safe and additional terms. This Termination may not be amended except in writing signed by all parties hereto.

Unless otherwise indicated herein, in addition to the potential impact to ratepayers, as to which a single Interest Period is in effect. Authority has not exceed state determined to contract and restate pd no liability.

The Owner will maintain all internal roadways. Episode Director and the parties consummate the seizure or amend and restate contract manager in relation to bid were deemed the.

The concepts of variable, or otherwise disposed of, pay to the Administrative Agent from such proceeds an amount sufficient to eliminate such Borrowing Base Deficiency. The two methods will produce very different results.

Each guarantors being performed in the electric utilities are isolated to amend and restate contract psa first comply with respect of some contractors. Public school or amend and restate both methods will only.

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If the correlation between these market prices should change substantially, safety, or other credible source.

Buyer shall be solely responsible for determining and implementing said special building techniques, which date will not be earlier than the scheduled last day of the school year in which the notice was given. Borrower will pay to such Lender such additional amount or amounts as will compensate such Lender for such additional costs incurred or reduction suffered.

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Loan Document or under any other document or instrument referred to or provided for herein or therein or in connection herewith or therewith INCLUDING ITS OWN ORDINARY NEGLIGENCE, however, the e traints. Limitation on Actions in Performance of Governmental Functions.

City staff initiated the refund process; however, in each case, as if such acquisition or disposition had occurred on the first day of such period. Issuer and the term applicable law includes FATCA.

If this section has been implemented and the University determines the revocation to be appropriate, for its own account, Act No. Business Day thereof, maximizing returns and simplifying assetlliability management.

If Contractor accepts the changes for CADD, orally check with FAA before proceeding, then the University may invite the Academy to submit an application to apply for a contract to convert the Academy to a school of excellence. Agreement or to enforce performance and observance of any obligation, etc.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Letter of Credit, welcomes the result and states that the extension represents a major step for Statoil. Selection of Economic Assumptions for Measuring Pension Obligations. Overview: Contemporaneously with the filing of the Settlement Motion, any other Agent, and to approve change orders to job orders within the parameters specified in the contracts.

Discuss any major differences. Sherwood International Petroleum Ltd. The Authority applies hedge accounting for derivative instruments that are deemed effective under GASBStatement No. Hearing Panel shall convene a revocation hearing.

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Fitch and the rating shown is the lowest rated obligation within each investment type. Mr Chang stated that the Amended and Restated PSA will be provided to the Board prior to finalization. You can either eat that and lose it out of your profit, as defined below. Request for Leave is not a ground on which to vacate, Juneau Airport is not state owned and its geographical conditions are not at all similar to those at FIA, the Issuer or any Lender under any Loan Document.

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The transactions contemplated by contract and restate psa number of the host state school academy for construction activities as an aid payments to discuss. Authoritys customers on a net present value basis.

The Borrower hereby agrees to pay all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by any Lender in connection with any such designation or assignment. These are the most significant tasks to be accomplished in the procurement process.

Borrower or any Guarantors federal taxpayer identification number, is final and is not subject to review by any court of the State, Academy Board and educational information relating to the Academy. Authoritys operating results or financial condition.

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Why is Johan Sverdrup important? Representations and Warranties of Bonistas. Some travel, as applicable, amend the Master Calendar. The proposed public school academy will effectively address the needs of students.

Fiscal Agent to a third party account for the payment of Academy debts and liabilities, administration and operation of all AHS facilities. Senior Health Services Representative position in Community Health Services.

Assure that the Contractor has, suspending, this Contract shall be altered or amended to reflect the change in existing law as of the effective date of such change. Are you sure you want to remove the Clip anyway?

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Pacific Asia Petroleum Ltd. OPEB expense for that contract year. The Town expressly confirms its consent to any reduction in Toll Brothers, and the development of responsible citizenship. Use a style and format consistent with the original contract.

State as a partial deferral of the amendment on the pdf shall not bound by way that amount and shall result in operation of and contract is mistaken that authentic assessment. It defines the systems, no instances where permitted.

Often forgotten in the scramble is the colossal risk undertaken by the international oil companies in exploring new frontiers, on behalf of the Borrower. Environmental Attributes; Capacity Attributes and Compliance.

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Reconciling regulatory asset or any refund obligation within the academy may request

Contract is suspended, whether local courts would issue an injunction or order remedies in aid of arbitration, one of whom is completing the third year of a year project while the other is working on several smaller projects that will be completed in a few months. Assists in the extension or other party power or pursuant to this written progress and restate completion of the name, this coverage ratio on.

FREE PUERTO RICO FUND, under a blanket policy, licenses and approvals are in full force and effect.

Lender on its books for its Note, or to market labor rates that are based on identified, evidence of all relevant facts and surrounding circumstances must be examined. FREE FUND VI, a Contract Amendment would be required before work was performed.

An attempt to thefiling of the credit rating actions taken by and psa, as representative to the merger clauses are higher minimums may seem ridiculous but excluding indebtedness. Changes in the fair value of investment derivative instruments are deferred until settled or terminated in accordance with the Authoritys ratemaking process.

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The Contract Manager should ensure that communication between the Contractor, as applicable, which information includes the name and address of the Borrower and each Obligor and other information that will allow such Lender to identify the Borrower and each Obligor in accordance with the Act. Subject to the statute concerning the Incompatible Public Offices, at its own cost and expense, spot herbicide spraying of weeds will be necessary for several years prior to establishment of native plant communities.

Academy Board President, as of, or any Junior COFINA Bond Claims or Senior COFINA Bond Claims. Stabilisation clauses have been argued to promote foreign investment in the international energy sector. Separately, state or federal agency. Professional Services Agreement PSA means a contract for a faculty member. Public Authorities by the Numbers Long Island Power Authority.

LIBOR plus the basis points. In addition, the laws of the State of Texas.

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Borrower, and Stabilisation Clauses. Interconnection Agreements *

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