Black and White Valentines Nails

Black white designed nails
A simple nail design to show off a sparkly new bling perhaps
Black white designed nails n love hearts
Black white designed nails w love hearts
Black white heart nails
Black white valentines nails
Black white valentines nails
Black white valentines nails
Black and white marble nails
Black and white ombré nails
Coffin Nails black white and silver
Matte black white with silver glitter
Stiletto nails black and white nails accent nail glitter acrylic glitter polish

Black and white hearts are an awesome alternative to all the reds and pink nail designs for Valentines. So in the below tutorial you’ll want to start by applying your base coat – paint your middle nail white. While the nail polish is still wet paint three black dots in a row. Ok this next part is where the magic happens! With a needle loop right through the middle of each of the dots to create your hearts. You may need to practice a few times first. Next, paint your ring finger and index finger black, with white dots and repeat the process!

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