25+ Christmas Wrapping Ideas

While store bought gift wrap can look sophisticated, a clever do-it-yourself gift wrap adds a personal touch to your gift. Start with our creative ways to spice up a Christmas gift by hand-drawing unique Christmas messages or turning family photos into a creative gift tag.

Burlap and ornament Christmas wrapping

Christmas tree wrapping

Doily Christmas wrapping

Pretty Cute Presents

Red ribbon wrapping

Rudolph Christmas wrapping

Santa style Christmas wrapping

Tartan Christmas wrapping

Tartan wrapping

vintage Christmas tree wrapping

whimsical Christmas wrapping

Wrapping idea natural materials yet elegant

Birds on a wire wrapping paper

Chocolate bar Christmas wrapping

Chocolate wrapping paper for gifts

elephant wrapping paper

Flower wrapping paper

Hand drawn vase

Handmade childrens gift wrap paper

Love heart wrapping paper

Minimalist wrapping paper

Name wrapping paper

Paper shirt wrapping paper

Party banner gift wrapping

Peanut reinderr gift tags

Reindeer gift wrapping

Shirt gift wrap tutorial

Shirt gift wrap

Vintage car wrapping paper

With love vase