Create a Kid-Friendly Reading Nook

Reading corner in little girls room We used plastic rain gutters from Lowes
book nook
Book shelves made from gutters
DIY Success Made a little girls reading nook with walmart curtains sheers plastic rain gutters
Gorgeous reading corner
My lil book nook in my bedroom so far
New reading corner Leaf canopy and shelves from ikea
rain gutter shelves
Reading corner
Reading corner
Reading Corner Items purchased from Mitre Roofing Gutter

Encourage your kids to read their favorite books by creating a cozy, colorful reading nook in their bedroom or playroom. Not only is this a budget friendly way to add some cool decor to their bedroom it will also give them a space where they can be free from their “wifi” for a set amount of time each day. So start by painting a hexagon on the wall, then mount shelves to display all their favorite books. Complete the look with a super comfy rug, bean bag, chairs and pillows! You can also let your child choose the color scheme which will hopefully get them to spend more time reading!

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Tutorial Create a Kid-Friendly Reading Nook | Buy on Amazon Bean Bag
Reading corner
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