Decorating Ideas with Branches that will Add Charm to Your Home

It’s often said that nature makes the best interior, and designers have been implementing the outdoors into their work for years. You may suppose only flora & fauna can make for attractive household implements, but there are a number of ways to decorate with branches that will leave your guests speechless.

decorating with branches


More ideas…

bigger branches for posts and beams


Birch Tree Limb picture hanger


branch ballerina


Branch coat holder


branch in frame


branch picture hanger


branch windchime


chinese lantern table hanging


Living room branches


Refining tree art twig art for wall decor wall art with mountain laurel twigs


rustic piece


This is called branch nest I love it and although no living bird would live in it one of my sculpted birds would be very happy


Tree Branch Room Divider


white rustic branch