DIY Air Fresheners for Your Home

summer vibes
Drops of pure Essential oil Tablespoons Of Coconut Oil and A Wax Warmer a safer Alternative way to scent your home And no wax to worry about
All natural air freshener
Anthropologie blend
Cleaning day
Dont we all love the smell of our fabric softener Use your home wax burner and put just a little bit in and fill your house with that fabulous smell
Downy unstoppable spray
Essential Oils
Fruit loop blend
Homemade drawer and car fresheners
Instant air freshner
Laundry scent pellets downy unstoppables or gain fireworks good for bottom of trash can diaper genie Helps with odors from most waste receptacles
Make your vacuum blow good smelling air by placing your favorite scented dryer sheet on top of your Hepa filter
Spa day blend
Sugar cookie
Valor orange cedar

Whenever I’d visit the air freshener aisle at the grocery store I’d rub my hands together in delight as I perused the hundreds of brightly-colored packages begging for me to place them in my cart. But why not save yourself and make your own air fresheners with just 3 ingredients: Baking soda, essential oil and water – and each liter bottle only costs $.50!

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Smells like anthropologie candles
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