Decorate Your Bedroom Mirror with Faux Flowers

A cheap mirror Ive had for years flowers from Michaels hot glue
Added some fake flowers and strings lights around a very large mirror
Cute pretty full length flower mirror pink edition
Decorated my mirror with different flowers I love it
diy floral mirror
faux flower mirror
faux flower mirror with string lights
i wanna recreate this with different colors for my vanity room
Mirror with faux flowers
Purple flower mirror diy
Rose mirror
Transform a mirror into a beauty Girls will love this Go one step further and make it a night light

This is such an awesome way to add some color and vibrancy to your bedroom and it only takes a few supplies and about one hour to complete – depending on the size of your mirror! Supplies you need: Mirror with a frame, artificial flowers, glue gun and scissors. So start off by cutting off all the green stems from your artificial flowers so you’re left with just the flower heads.

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Mirror Decorated with Faux Flowers