25+ Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids to Make

From ‘No-Sew Superheros’ to ‘Queen of Hearts’ (from Alice, Through the Looking Glass) here’s 25+ Halloween costumes that are perfect for little trick-or-treaters who need ultra cool disguises for an evening of fun and frolics! All of the tutorials are very easy to follow and most of them only cost a few bucks to make!

1. DIY Groot Mask
DIY Groot Mask
Learn how to make the Groot Baby mask from Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2. This is a tutorial on how to do it yourself cheap and easy for cosplay costume using foam, mod podge and brown paint.
Tutorial DIY Groot Mask

2. Captain America Shield
Captain America Shield
This has got to be the coolest Captain America Shield project on the internet! What makes this guide better than all the others is that you can make as many shields as you want, any size, no problems. In fact you could probably even star your very own Captain America shield factory, great news for all the kids in your neighborhood!
Tutorial Captain America Shield

3. Mermaid
Check out this awesome mermaid makeup tutorial that your little girl will love! You’ll also learn how to make a mermaid DIY hair accessory that’s so cute! It’s a star fish!
Tutorial Mermaid

4. Unicorn
Check out this DIY unicorn horn which is super easy to make using supplies such as glitter foam paper. You can also watch the makeup tutorial which uses adhesive rhinestones and glitter!
Tutorial Unicorn

5. Baby Gumball Machine
Baby Gumball Machine
This is a super fun costume to make! You need to get yourself a big bag of multi colored 1 inch pom-poms and glue them to the hat. It’s a bit time consuming but oh so worth it when you’re done!
Tutorial Baby Gumball Machine

6. Bucket of Popcorn
Bucket of Popcorn
Bring the cinema feel to trick or treat this year with pop corn made from insulation foam set onto a striped felt bucket which is basically made from a basic hoop skirt pattern. It’s a great idea for younger kids who aren’t too fussed about what their costume will be.
Tutorial Bucket of Popcorn

7. Cardboard Dinosaur
Cardboard Dinosaur
If your kid is a massive dino fan – then this costume will be a huge hit. You only need 3 cardboard boxes and blue paint to recreate that Jurassic feel that will have him roaring round the neighborhood in no time.
Tutorial Cardboard Dinosaur

8. Cardboard Tractor
Cardboard Tractor
If he’s been pestering you for a tractor – then save some money and make this really neat one using cardboard boxes and green paint.. Kids always have more fun with the boxes anyway – and if he’s extra good Santa might leave him the real deal this year.
Tutorial Cardboard Tractor

9. Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
Using pink and purple striped faux fur and some sewing skills – you can turn your child into this favorite Alice in Wonderland character. The maker also suggests using Etsy for extra bits and pieces.
Tutorial Cheshire Cat

10. Easy Ghost Costume
Easy Ghost Costume
To make these boo-tiful costumes, you’ll need white onesies or tee shirts, black fabric paint and foam brushes. Use a stencil of a ghost face and apply black paint onto the fabroc to recreate this idea.
Tutorial Easy Ghost Costume

11. Elliott
Many of the supplies for this you probably already have at home – such as a basket for the bike. The hardest part is probably finding the ET doll – although a quick search online should solve that.
Tutorial Elliott

12. Little Mermaid
Little Mermaid
This no sew costume will be a life saver if you don’t have sewing skills. You’ll need a crochet band for the body of the dress as well as tulle to form the skirt.
Tutorial Little Mermaid

13. Tweedle Dum Tweedle Dee
Tweedle Dum Tweedle Dee
If you have two special little tikes to dress up then this is definitely for you and what’s more – it only costs $10 to make. You’ll need yellow onesies as well as red pants and you can make the white collar from an old shirt.
Tutorial Tweedle Dum Tweedle Dee

14. Maleficent
With some face paint and duck tape – you can easily transform your little one into Maleficent.
Tutorial Maleficent

15. TMNT
This is probably one of the easiest costumes you’ll make using a baking tray and some paint your kid will have turtle power.
Tutorial TMNT

16. Thing 2
Thing 2
Make this fun costume using a knit cap, Fiberfill and blue spray paint for the wig. A red tee shirt with ‘Thing 2’ on the front completes the look.
Tutorial Thing 2

17. Monster High Nefera De Nile
Monster High Nefera De Nile
Recreate the look of this mean ghoul following the make up steps provided in the tutorial. Gold and orange eye shadows are dusted onto the lids followed by winged black eye liner and mascara. Finish with blue lipstick and a teal wig.
Tutorial Monster High Nefera De Nile

18. Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts
You’ll need some sewing skills to make this fantastic costume. The crown can be made using a head band and some gold card to form the crown. A bright red felt heart adorns the top of the dress with a a beautiful white tulle collar.
Tutorial Queen of Hearts

19. My Little Pony Rainbow Dash
My Little Pony Rainbow Dash
Transform into Rainbow Dash with blue face paint and a rainbow colored wig. Draw the rainbow lightning bolt under the eye with eyeliner or shadow sticks and go over again.
Tutorial My Little Pony Rainbow Dash

20. No Sew Superheros
No Sew Superheros
Superhero doesn’t have to mean super skilled with this costume. Using felt in the appropriate color such as black for Batman – cut out a simple vest shape with a hole in the center for the head. Make the motif required from felt and glue to the center. You’ll make these quicker than Superman can change in a phone box.
Tutorial No Sew Superheros

21. Captain America Costume
Captain America Costume
Most of the items for this costume come from thrift store purchases and although a detailed tutorial – it will be worth the look on your kid’s face when he sees himself in costume.
Tutorial Captain America Costume

22. DIY Jet Pack for Little Astronaut
DIY Jet Pack for Little Astronaut
Amazing that plastic bottles can be turned into this nifty little jet pack. You’ll need 2 soda bottles, silver spray paint, gold craft paint and red,orange and yellow tissue paper to create this.
Tutorial DIY Jet Pack for Little Astronaut

23. Iron Man Costume
Iron Man Costume
As you would expect – this costume is made from metal so you will need metal work skills to recreate it. Supplies you’ll need include red tin, a rivet gun, rivets, tin snips and paint.
Tutorial Iron Man Costume

24. Make a Dragon Costume From a Sweatsuit
Make a Dragon Costume From a Sweatsuit
As the name suggests – you’ll need a sweatsuit to recreate this idea. Make the add on pieces such as the tail and wings from fleece.
Tutorial Make a Dragon Costume From a Sweatsuit

25. Thor Costume
Thor Costume
Football shoulder pads form the basis of this costume as well as a hammer purchase from a costume shop. You’ll need red fabric to make the cape as well as other items including a helmet.
Tutorial Thor Costume

26. DIY Hooded Cloak Tutorial
DIY Hooded Cloak Tutorial
If your little one wants to be a snow princess then this is easier to make than you would think. You can refashion an old silky tablecloth to create the cloak and a white feather boa for the trim.
Tutorial DIY Hooded Cloak Tutorial

27. Fantastic Mr and Mrs Fox
Fantastic Mr and Mrs Fox
For Mrs Fox you can make your own apple stamp print to print onto yellow fabric and a tail made from minky and felt pinned onto the dress. You can make the masks from felt and either draw your own template or get one online.
Tutorial Fantastic Mr and Mrs Fox

28. Felt Monarch Butterfly Wings
Felt Monarch Butterfly Wings
Felt really is a staple when it comes to making kids costumes and this one is no different. You’ll need felt in black, white and orange as the picture shows. Once completed, you can team them with a pair of black leggings and a black top for the perfect butterfly costume.
Tutorial Felt Monarch Butterfly Wings

29. Skeleton Costume
Skeleton Costume
You’ll need a skeleton template which is provided in the tutorial as well as white fabric and a bit of of red fabric for the heart to recreate this bone chillng skeleton costume.
Tutorial Skeleton Costume

30. Batgirl & Robin Tutu Dress
Batgirl & Robin Tutu Dress
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