15+ Super Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids to Make!

From ‘Glow in the Dark Spider Slime’ to ‘DIY Paper Cup Spiders’ here’s more than 20 spooktastic Halloween crafts and decorations you can make with your kids over the holidays! Not only are these scarily easy to make but most of the supplies are things you probably already have lying around your home or that you can get on Amazon for just a few bucks!

1. DIY Harry Potter Floating Candles
DIY Harry Potter Floating Candles
If you’re a Hogwarts fan then this idea will really float your boat. You’ll need paper towel rolls, remote control battery operated tealights, invisible thread and acrylic paint.
Tutorial DIY Harry Potter Floating Candles

2. DIY Trash Bag Spiderwebs
DIY Trash Bag Spiderwebs
1 or 2 trash bags is all you need to make this epic spiderweb decoration. Fold the bag into a cone shape and cut into strips.
Tutorial DIY Trash Bag Spiderwebs

3. Harley Quinn Inspired Doll
Harley Quinn Inspired Doll
Little girls will love giving an old Barbie doll a revamp with this idea. Begin by using acetone to remove the face paint and then color over the face with a white pencil.
Tutorial Harley Quinn Inspired Doll

4. DIY Paper Cup Spiders
DIY Paper Cup Spiders
Set imaginations wild with these paper cup spiders. Cut out 4 legs from the base of the cup leaving some of the top as the body of the spider.
Tutorial DIY Paper Cup Spiders

5. Glow in the Dark Ghost Balloons
Glow in the Dark Ghost Balloons
Make these glowing ghosts with glow sticks, balloons, plastic cups a black marker and cheese cloth. Pop your glow sticks inside the balloons and inflate with a pump.
Tutorial Glow in the Dark Ghost Balloons

6. Glow in the Dark Scary Eyes
Glow in the Dark Scary Eyes
These spooky eyes will creep out everyone in the neighborhood and they are so simple to make. Gather as many cardboard tubes as you want and draw evil eyes on them.
Tutorial Glow in the Dark Scary Eyes

7. Glow in the Dark Spider Slime
Glow in the Dark Spider Slime
Make this awesome slime by emptying a container of Elmer’s glue into a bowl. Now fill the empty bottle halfway with water and add this to the bowl. Add some glow-in-the-dark face paint and mix with a fork to make it glow.
Tutorial Glow in the Dark Spider Slime

8. Pinecone Bats
Pinecone Spiders
For these bats you’ll need black felt, pinecones, and wiggly eyes. Cut out your bat wings on the felt with a template and then stick onto your pinecone. Add the wiggly eyes and fangs and your upside down critter is complete.
Tutorial Pinecone Bats

9. Pinecone Spiders
Pinecone Spiders
Pinecones are brilliant for fall crafts as they are so versatile. For these spooktacular spiders you’ll also need pipe cleaners and googly eyes.
Tutorial Pinecone Spiders

10. Popsicle Stick Haunted House
Popsicle Stick Haunted House
Kids will have hours of fun with this popsicle stick craft. Begin by constructing the roof from 20 popsicle sticks lined up. Then glue five sticks perpendicularly. Repeat to make the other side.
Tutorial Popsicle Stick Haunted House

11. Trash Bag Spiders
Trash Bag Spiders
Make this easy and cheap spider for your outdoors using trash bags and newspaper for filling.
Tutorial Trash Bag Spiders

12. Zombie Barricade
Zombie Barricade
It’s hard to believe that this clever decoration is made from cardboard and spray paint. Cut the shapes required as shown in the picture and then decorate with spray paint.
Tutorial Zombie Barricade

13. DIY Hanging Bats
Hanging Foam Bats
Don’t drive yourself batty looking for spooky decorations – make these critters instead! Supplies required include black craft foam, googly eyes and wire to hang.
Tutorial DIY Hanging Bats

14. Halloween Tin Can Luminaries
Halloween Tin Can Luminaries
Kids will love making this fun and easy craft. You’ll need clean tin cans, paint and a nail and hammer. Begin by filling your tin with water and freezing. Write the word you want with marker on the tin and use a nail and hammer to hammer out holes in the message.
Tutorial Halloween Tin Can Luminaries

15. Spider Suckers
Spider Suckers
Lollipops are easily turned into spiders with black pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Take 4 pipe cleaners and twist them around the lollipop as shown in the picture. Fan out to form legs and add googly eyes.
Tutorial Spider Suckers

16. Halloween Candle Holders
Anthropologie Inspired Painted Candle Holders DIY
These candle holders will look great all through fall on your table or porch. You can recycle old jars and use autumnal themed colors such as orange, yellow and black. Use a small brush to dot these colors on like falling petals or popcorn kernels.
Tutorial Halloween Candle Holders

17. Halloween Glove Treat Bags
Halloween Glove Treat Bags
For a different twist to Halloween goody bags – these will go down a treat – and kids will think your house is the best to trick or treat at. You’ll need clear gloves and lots of candy treats to make this handy idea. Once filled you’ll secure with a bow at the top of the glove.
Tutorial Halloween Glove Treat Bags

18. Painted Halloween Mug
Painted Halloween Mug
Jazz up an old mug with multi surface paint and Halloween themed stencils. As well as being lots of fun to create – it makes an excellent gift or favor idea for your fright night party.
Tutorial Painted Halloween Mug

19. Halloween Barbie Pumpkin
Halloween Barbie Pumpkin
A cool way to upcycle an old Barbie. Cut the doll in half and attach the torso to a pumpkin which is then painted pink to give the effect of a voluminous dress.
Tutorial Halloween Barbie Pumpkin