25+ DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas for Kids

From Glow in the Dark Hipster Ghosts to macabre Spooky Glowing Eyes, check out our favorite Halloween decor ideas that will create the most spooktastic home ever!

1. Creepy Eyeball Lights

Creepy Eyeball Lights
You’ll need a battery-operated push light as well as sharpie markers to make these eerie eye lights – sure to spook all the trick or treaters as they knock on the door.
Tutorial Creepy Eyeball Lights


2. Little Ghosts

Little Ghosts
These cute little ghosts are made with different colored crepe paper and ribbon. Begin by scrunching some paper into a ball to form the head. Then cover with paper in a color of your choice and secure the head with ribbon.
Tutorial Little Ghosts


3. Ding Bat Donuts

Ding Bat Donuts
To make these edible bats you’ll need donut holes, candy eyeballs and a Ding Bat printable found on the tutorial. Place the donut holes on tooth picks and add the candy eyeballs and wings. You can use old egg cartons to place them in.
Tutorial Ding Bat Donuts


4. DIY Halloween Lanterns

DIY Halloween Lanterns
For a really quick and easy Halloween craft this is perfect. Using orange, green and white  plastic cups as the base of your typical Halloween characters – you can draw faces on each with a sharpie a marker. Light them with battery operated candles.
Tutorial DIY Halloween Lanterns


5. DIY Mini Mummy Pumpkin

DIY Mini Mummy Pumpkin
These little guys are too cute to be scary and all you need is some cheesecloth, scissors, rubber cement eyeballs and of course a pumpkin.
Tutorial DIY Mini Mummy Pumpkin


6. DIY Spooky Cute Mini Ghost Garland

DIY Spooky Cute Mini Ghost Garland
With a look of Casper – this mini garland will look great anywhere in the house. The ghosts are made from air dry clay and then covered with cheesecloth. Add details with a fine point pen and then string on a ribbon – and they’re ready to spook!
Tutorial DIY Spooky Cute Mini Ghost Garland


7. DIY Sugar Skull Milk Jug Luminaries

DIY Sugar Skull Milk Jug Luminaries
For a cheap decor idea – upcycle milk jugs to make these bright sugar skull themed lanterns. Cut your carton in half and use a black marker to draw the design. Fill with multi colored fairy lights and voila!
Tutorial DIY Sugar Skull Milk Jug Luminaries


8. DIY Witches Hat for Wall Decor

DIY Witches Hat for Wall Decor
To make this whimsical decoration you’ll need black burlap as well as other Halloween themed trim. Begin by making your hat shape in the burlap and decorate as you like.
Tutorial DIY Witches Hat for Wall Decor


9. Fuzzy Monster Pops

Fuzzy Monster Pops
These make a cute Halloween treat that can be served at parties or to trick or treaters. You’ll need green and purple candy melts as well as shredded coconut and lollipop sticks to bring these terrors to life. Follow the instructions in the tutorial for this spook-tastic sweet.
Tutorial Fuzzy Monster Pops


10. Ghost Cupcake Topper

Ghost Cupcake Topper
Turn lollipops to ghosts with this simple idea. You’ll need a bag of lollipops, cupcake wrappers and some twine to recreate these.
Tutorial Ghost Cupcake Topper


11. Glow in the Dark Hipster Ghost

Glow in the Dark Hipster Ghost
If you are able to crochet – then this is a great time to teach that skill to your kids to make this super cute glow in the dark ghost.
Tutorial Glow in the Dark Hipster Ghost


12. Glow Stick Plastic Cups Balloons

Glow Stick Plastic Cups Balloons
To make these fun decorations – you’ll need glow sticks , balloons, plastic cups and a black marker. Draw your spooky faces on the balloons and cups and then set your glow sticks inside.
Tutorial Glow Stick Plastic Cups Balloons


13. Gold Geo No Carve Pumpkins

Gold Geo No Carve Pumpkins
If you can’t stand carving pumpkins then this is super easy to recreate – purchase some white pumpkins and a gold pen. You can design to your hearts content without the mess or the clean up.
Tutorial Gold Geo No Carve Pumpkins


14. Halloween Cup Decorations

Halloween Cup Decorations
To recreate these glowing Jack O’ Lanterns – you’ll need orange plastic cups, a sharpie a marker and battery operated candles. Draw faces on each and illuminate.
Tutorial Halloween Cup Decorations


15. Halloween Leaf Monsters

Halloween Leaf Monsters
The perfect way to use Autumnal foliage – gather leaves from your back yard and shape faces with a craft knife. Pop them on lampshades to watch them light up.
Tutorial Halloween Leaf Monsters


16. Halloween Monster Cups

Halloween Monster Cups
This simple craft is carried out with clear plastic cups, paint, googly eyes and a marker. Begin by painting the cups in green, orange, white and black. Add the faces with a marker and affix the googly eyes.
Tutorial Halloween Monster Cups


17. Halloween Paper Plate Wreath

Halloween Paper Plate Wreath
To make this awesome wreath you’ll need a paper plate , green, orang and black tissue paper and googly eyes for the hand print spider.  Cut the center out of the plate and begin gluing bits of paper to imitate the design in the picture. Create the spider from handprints and attach to the wreath. Now you can hang it on your fridge for all to admire.
Tutorial Halloween Paper Plate Wreath


18. Halloween Window Clings

Halloween Window Clings
You’ll need puffy paint, Halloween themed drawings and sheet protector to make these awesome window clings. Pop the images into the sheet protector and outline each with the puffy paint. Use a toothpick to drag the puffy paint to fill in the shape and allow to dry overnight. Peel the window clings off and then stick to your window.
Tutorial Halloween Window Clings


19. Handkerchief Ghosts

Handkerchief Ghosts
Make these ghosts with handkerchiefs, cardboard tubes, wallpaper glue and plastic foil. Create a ghost shape from the plastic foil and cardboard tube – this will be your mold. To make it look like it’s flying, place on a plastic bottle. Immerse the handkerchief in the wallpaper glue and place over the mold. Allow to dry and then place on top of fairy lights for a really neat decoration.
Tutorial Handkerchief Ghosts


20. Make a Ribbon Wreath for Halloween

Make a Ribbon Wreath for Halloween
Whip this wreath up in no time with a plastic foam wreath form, black ribbon, and Halloween themed ribbon. Begin by wrapping the black ribbon around the wreath and secure. Now you can add your Halloween themed ribbon in the design you enjoy.
Tutorial Make a Ribbon Wreath for Halloween


21. Nightmare Before Christmas Jack o Lantern

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack o Lantern
For a different take on carved pumpkins , print out a scene from the Nightmare Before Christmas and transfer onto a pumpkin with a marker. Begin to carve out – and you have this awesome carved pumpkin.
Tutorial Nightmare Before Christmas Jack o Lantern


22. No Carve Typography Pumpkins

No Carve Typography Pumpkins
If you are looking for a trendy pumpkin this year, then paint in black chalkboard paint and print out a stencil of a Halloween saying. Transfer this onto the pumpkin using white chalk – and you have your own cool typography pumpkin.
Tutorial No Carve Typography Pumpkins


23. Spooky Eyes Candle

Spooky Eyes Candle
To make this simple idea – you’ll need a candle holder, tissue paper, scissors, battery operated candle and tape or glue. Wrap the tissue paper around the candle holder and affix with tape. Cut out spooky eyes and pop a battery operated candle inside.
Tutorial Spooky Eyes Candle


24. Spooky Glowing Eyes

Spooky Glowing Eyes
Recycle cardboard tubes to make these spooky glowing eyes. Cut out spooky eye shapes and stick glow sticks inside. These will look great outside at night in your bushes.
Tutorial Spooky Glowing Eyes


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