30+ Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

shoe storage in hallway
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Closet makeover Towel rods for the heels
closet shoe storage
Crates used as Shoe Organizers
dark shoe shelving units
Great collection love the vans boxes on the wall as shelving units
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Shoe Rack for Hallway
Shoe storage idea
shoe storage idea
shoe storage ideas
shoe storage in hallway
shoe storage in hallway
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Shoes storage
Sides of stairs as shelving and back as pull out closet
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sneaker storage
Towel bars for a shoe rack smart

If your closet has become a jungle of shoes and handbags then here’s an awesome organization hack that will get you organized in no time at all! Simply use a towel bar with s-hooks and you can hang most of your flats, high heels, handbags, scarves and any other items that will hang neatly from an s-hook. You can use them on the back of your closet doors or even on your walls. If you’re using more than one remember to space them out so all your stuff isn’t overlapping. Towel rods are really easy to attach to your wall however if you’re renting you’ll probably need to get permission from your landlord.

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