No-Sew DIY Sock Snowman for Christmas

Crew sock snowman stuffed with rice Bottom sock becomes hat and ribbons bells buttons
fluffy sock snowmen
fluffy sock snowmen
Handmade Sock Snowman No sewing needed
My silly sock snowmen
no sew Snowmen
Snowgirl ornament of all new material Fuzzy socks buttons jewels
Snowman with grey scarf
Sock snowman with scarf
Sock snowman with scarf
Sock snowmen
Sock snowmen and Santa
sweater snowman and snowladies
white sock snowmen

This no-sew sock snowman is such a cute Christmas DIY craft for kids to make. All you need is a few supplies: White tube sock, fuzzy sock, white string, ribbon, embellishments, rice, hot glue gun, scissors and puffy paint. Start of by cutting the socks then tying them with string at the ends then fill the socks with rice then tie the string in the center of the sock to create two “snowballs”. Just follow the steps in the tutorial below!

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DIY Sock Snowman
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