DIY Underwater Birthday Party Decorations

Coral displays for Deep Sea Discovery
Coral out of spray insulation foam and pool noodles seaweed from plastic table cloth strips and paper chains
Coral reef on Submerged
Coral reef with black light decor
Finding Dory Party centerpiece
hanging fish
pool noodle coral made by slicing noodle and adding long triangular slivers of noodles with cool melt glue gun
Sea Reef
Under the Sea balloons
underwater balloon arch
underwater decor

Learn how to create some awesome pool noodle coral reefs for an underwater themed birthday party! All you need is a few supplies such as: green tissue paper, utility knife, scissors, sharpie, wooden skewers and pool noodles of course! Start by covering a box in green tissue paper and then you can start working on the pool noodles!

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pool noodle coral