DIY Unicorn Paper Lanterns for Baby Showers

Who doesn’t love a unicorn themed baby shower or birthday party? So check out this amazing tutorial and learn how to make these adorable unicorn lanterns!

Step 1 We’re assuming you have white paper lanterns (if not you just need to give them a couple of coats of white paint) So first up you want to get your glue gun and add a few faux flowers to the top of the lantern.

Step 2 Next, hot glue the unicorn horn just in behind the flowers.

Step 3 Add curly bows to the just underneath the flowers, which will be like the unicorns hair.

Step 4 Using gold foil and white card paper cut out the ears for the unicorn and hot glue them to the top of the lantern.

Step 5 Finally add some faux eyelashes and hey presto, you’re done!

DIY Unicorn Paper Lanterns | Baby Shower Decor Ideas for Girls