DIY Wedding Balloon Garland

Stream of balloons can add so much to a display
Balloon garland for wedding
bride to be balloon decor
burgundy balloon wedding arch
Burgundy navy and rose gold balloon garland
Burgundy navy and rose gold wedding balloon garland
Gorgeous Balloon Arch in pink gold and burgundy
grey pink and white balloon
Ombré soft metallic balloon arch
Organic balloon wreath
pink purple and white wedding balloon arch
Pink mauve rose gold and silver balloon garland
purple and grey balloon arch
white and gold wedding balloon arch
white balloon arch
Stream of balloons can add so much to a display

Balloon garlands are such an awesome way to add wow factor to a wedding, baby shower, birthday party, New Years Eve or any special occasion! So first off choose your color palette and then buy as many balloons as you think you’ll need. You’ll also need an air pump to help you blow your balloons up. Next you’ll want to tie the balloons into clusters so you can then begin to build your garland!

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balloon garland how ingenious Any color decor scheme
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