DIY Wine Bottle Crafts for Home Decor on a Budget

Chalkboard wine bottles
Cute wine bottle craft
decorated wine bottles
Decorative wine bottles
Doodles inspired by Zentangles
Easy DIY wine bottle craft All I did was paint a bottle with acrylic paint wrap the middle with burlap
hand painted wine bottles
Home wine bottle
painted wine bottle upcycle
painted wine bottles with jute
Spray with metallic gold spray paint then Spray 2 layers of pink glitter spray paint
Repurposed a few wine bottles for Valentines Day using various things from around the house
Wine bottle crafts
Wine bottle crafts
Wine bottle crafts
Wine bottle crafts for Christmas

This is one of those amazingly easy crafts where you think to yourself…ok, why didn’t I think of this? So all you need are some balloons and wine bottles (or bottles of a similar size). Start by blowing the balloon up to stretch it then place it over the bottle until fully stretched out. Depending on the colors you choose these will make awesome home decorations either in your bedroom or kitchen, you could store flowers in them and keep them on your dresser!

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Tutorial Balloon Bottle Craft | Buy on Amazon Black + Gold Balloons $9.99
Balloon bottles Perfect way to reuse those coffee and juice bottles
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