Easter Art Projects for Kids

Bunny with polka dot background
Bunnies in basket
Bunny in pink
Festive dots
Flower pot
fluffy bunny
gray bunny
paper lillies
Rabbits in glasses

Learn how to paint a bunny with acrylic paints on a 11 x 14 inch canvas. Supplies you’ll need are: art gummy eraser, paintbrushes, brown pencils, disposable paint, cup of water and paper towels. To start with draw a diagonal line for the front of the face and attach a curved line at the bottom. Next draw a half circle connecting the two lines together – this will be the bunnies head. Then draw a marshmallow shape for the bunnies mid section. Draw an upside down triangle and flatten the bottom with a horizontal line and a half circle for the bunnies foot. Just follow the rest of the steps in the tutorial below and you’ll be done in no time!

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Tutorial How to Paint a Cute Bunny Rabbit | Buy on Amazon Acrylic Paint Set
Floral crown
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