22+ Easy Christmas Bathroom Decor Ideas

It’s that time of the year again: weeks of parties, hosting, lots of food, lots of guests, and, of course, lots of toilet paper needed to deal with all of it. (It’s the best time to stock up on toilet paper!) If you’re hosting in your home this year and want to make every guest’s bathroom time a little more cheerful, a little bit of decoration might just do the trick. You can switch items like the shower curtain and bath mat, and bring back your regular decor once the holidays are over.

If you’re a fan of holiday decoration, why not also bedeck the bathroom with some cheerful holiday-themed accessories? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Grinch bathroom green gloves for grinch hands holding toilet paper

Bathroom Christmas decor

Candy cane ribbon around toilet paper

Christmas bathroom ideas

Christmas containers for bathroom 3k

Christmas containers with pinecones 2k

Christmas decorations around bathroom mirror

Christmas toilet seat cover

Christmas toilet seat cover with candle

Christmas Tree Bathroom Decor

Christmas tree toilet seat cover

Christmas vase


Glass containers with ornaments

Guest bath vanity

Guest bathroom

Mini Christmas trees in wine glass candle holders

Put Christmas appliqués through extra toilet paper rolls Great idea and cheap

Red ornaments in a vase for bathroom

Snowglobe candleholders

Snowman toilet covers

Wine glass candle holder