DIY Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Family and Friends

$3 Christmas Mug Gift
Great ideas for a basket full of stuff that teens would like and a great thing to do for your friends
Beauty and Eye Makeup Gift Basket
Beauty Gift Box
Cozy gift basket
Gift box for having a girly day How cute Still needs tea chocolate
Just Add Water Gift Box
Just wanted to TEAL you happy birthday Gift basket
Pretty Kitties Gift Box
Sweater Cookies Mug Gift Box Gift Ideas Food Gift Small
Sweet 16 all purple basket
Green Tea Bath Soak Gift Box
Cocoa Gift Set for Christmas
Matchbox Advent Calendar
I love you to the moon and back
Cute baseball gift for him
Gift Box for Boyfriend
Gift box for Men
Gift Box for Sister
Dollar Tree Gift Baskets Baking Set
Sunshine in a Box
Both of our favorite body parts for each other
Happy Birthday My Love
I love you this much
Love Gift Box for Boyfriend
Mini MMs tube reindeer gift craft
Open When Envelopes
Pink Gift Box
Camping basket and tent Smores drink cups flashlight bug spray trail mix wet wipes and a lighter
chocolate gift box with candy cane
chocolate gift box with kinder egg
crockpot gift basket
milka gift box
nivea gift box
nutella gift box
Raffle basket
Starbucks Gift Basket
sweet gift box
The ultimate teenager Starbucks gift basket

Learn how to make 3 different gift baskets and add a personal touch to your Christmas gifts this year. All of the items can be bought at your local dollar store except for the baskets but you should be able to pick them up for a few bucks. So if you have someone who loves cooking then you can gift basket with kitchen utensils, recipe books etc or what about making a Starbucks themed gift basket for the coffee love in your life. All of the gift baskets cost about $30 each but would cost a lot more in the store!

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Tutorial Dollar Tree Christmas Gift Baskets | Buy on Amazon Gift Wrap Tissue $10.20
Gift box sweet
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