How To Make A Bunny Bread Bowl Dip Easter Appetizer

bunny Easter Appetizer
Easter Appetizer
Easter veggie and dip tray
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fruit cross
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Fruit Cross
This Bunny Tray looks great and will feed your little ones with healthy vegetabales
Vegetable tray for Easter Focusing on the TRUE meaning Jesus is alive
Veggie tray for Easter
Cross fruit platter for a Baptism party
Cross Fruit Tray
Cross veggie tray

Learn how to make this delicious and adorable bunny bread bowl dip as the perfect appetizer for Easter dinner. Start by slicing off the top of some boule bread and taking the center out (but save those pieces for later!). Next, cut a baguette in half and place a boule bread on those two pieces. Then slice some carrots and chives for the face of the bunny. For the dip add some broiled asparagus, cooked bacon, cream cheese, white cheddar, gruyere, sour cream chives and pepper. Mix, add to the boule and then cook for 15 minutes…delicious!

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easter bunny bread with dip
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