10 Easy Fall Crafts for Kids to Make

Fall is full of excitement for Kids. Leaves turning reddish-golden colors, pumpkins in full bloom and the ground scattered with branches, bark and acorns. So make the most of these natural elements and have loads of fun with your kids by trying out some of the amazing crafts below!

1. 3 D Paper Bag Tree

3 D Paper Bag Tree
This is a great way to recycle those paper bags that have been lying round the house. Begin by cutting the paper bag open and cut out 4 strips. You’ll Twist these to form branches and glue red and orange tissue paper for fall colored leaves.
Tutorial 3 D Paper Bag Tree


2. Candy Corn Treat Jars

Candy Corn Treat Jars
To make these fun colored jars you’ll need glass jars with lids as well as orange and yellow acrylic paint. Spray paint the jar white and then add the orange and yellow stripes with a paint brush. Once dry you can fill it with the treats of your choice.
Tutorial Candy Corn Treat Jars


3. Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin Stamp

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin Stamp
This is an ideal craft for little fingers. Fold the cardboard tube to form a heart shape and secure with tape. Dip in some orange paint and you can now stamp away to your hearts content. You can fill in the rest of the shape with orange paint to resemble a pumpkin.
Tutorial Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin Stamp


4. DIY Leaf Animals

DIY Leaf Animals
A fun nature activity for kids and get your backyard cleared up too. Collect fall leaves from your garden and paint animal faces on them. Once dry, they could also be stuck on to paper to make cute fall or Thanksgiving cards.
Tutorial DIY Leaf Animals


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5. Easy Fall Art with Leaves

Easy Fall Art with Leaves
For a super easy project – collect leaves of different shapes and colors. Stick a few on a sheet of paper and trace around them with a dotted line – this will look like an impressive piece of modern art.
Tutorial Easy Fall Art with Leaves


6. Fall Pom Pom Tree

Fall Pom Pom Tree
Pipe cleaners are such a versatile material that they can be twisted into any shape – even a tree.  You’ll need them in brown, orange, red and yellow to make this beauty – and why not pop some acorns around it for a beautiful fall centerpiece.
Tutorial Fall Pom Pom Tree


7. Kids Handprint Fall Tree Craft

Kids Handprint Fall Tree Craft
You can’t beat hand prints for a fun craft that can be turned into anything from reindeer to trees. Paint their hands with yellow, and red and orange and print to form a tree shape. Add a brown trunk and you have a beautiful piece of fall art for your fridge.
Tutorial Kids Handprint Fall Tree Craft


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8. Leaf Luminaries

Leaf Luminaries
You’ll need glass jars, leaves and mod podge tor create this fall inspired luminary. Use the mod podge to sick the leaves to outside of the jar. Once dry pop a tea light inside and enjoy the cozy light.
Tutorial Leaf Luminaries


9. Make a Simple Yarn Pumpkin Garland

Make a Simple Yarn Pumpkin Garland
Who doesn’t love a good pom pom craft. Supplies needed include orange yarn, green pipe cleaners, twine and scissors. Wind the yarn around your four fingers and tie in the center. Now you are ready to cut it to make the pom pom. Repeat this process until you’ve formed the number of pumpkins you want and then string onto the twine to make the garland.
Tutorial Make a Simple Yarn Pumpkin Garland


10. Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow
To make this cute scarecrow you’ll need popsicle sticks, glue, brown, yellow, white, orange paper and brown paint. Glue 7 popsicle sticks in a row onto some card. One popsicle stick is glued diagonally across to form the scarecrow’s hat – which is then painted brown. Now you can cut shapes such as the triangular nose from the orange card. The mouth is drawn on with a marker.
Tutorial Popsicle Stick Scarecrow