6 Easy Holiday Appetizers for a Party

Here’s 30 of our fave holiday appetizers that are perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years or any party. Tasty and easy, these appetizers will please any type of crowd you’ll be hosting over the festive period!

1. Turkey Stuffing Meatballs

Turkey Stuffing Meatballs
Tutorial Turkey Stuffing Meatballs


2. Blackberry Baked Brie

Blackberry Baked Brie
Tutorial Blackberry Baked Brie


3. Pear Blue Cheese Cups

Pear Blue Cheese Cups
Tutorial Pear Blue Cheese Cups


4. Roasted Grape Crostini

Roasted Grape Crostini
Tutorial Roasted Grape Crostini


5. Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms
Tutorial Stuffed Mushrooms


6. Crockpot Sesame Meatballs

Crockpot Sesame Meatballs
Tutorial Crockpot Sesame Meatballs