Easter Eggshell Planters with Bunnies

Rabbits tea party
3 bunnies
3 tiered decor
Birds nest
Black white gingham
Bunny nest
Bunny planter
Cabbage Leaf plates
Carrots rabbits
Duck eggs
egg display
egg gardens
Eggs in baskets
Leeks in eggs
Lemon yellow
Pastel eggs
green gingham table runner
spring garden in egg
Tray of bunnies

Create an awesome Easter tablescape with these stunning eggshell planters with bunnies! The image below uses paper mache eggs but if you follow the tutorial below you can just use normal eggshells (you can paint them white if need be!). So, wash your eggs and poke a hole in the bottom for drainange. Then just fill the eggs with some soil and add some microgreens. If you place them on a tray of pebbles they look really great and will make an awesome Spring centerpiece.

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bunnies in eggs
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