Awesome Valentine Gift Boxes for Him

things I miss
Birthday box
Box of balloons
Monsters inc
Pop the balloons
The hulk

A Valentines gift box is a way to package all your boyfriends or husbands favorite things into one awesome package! First of you’ll need to buy some cardstock to cover the box to make it nice and colorful…so if you’re going for a box of sunshine like the gift box below you could choose yellow, or you could choose pink and reds for a more Valentines style! Supplies you need: tissue paper, gift baggies, stickers, hearts, ribbon, packaging tape, hole puncher, cardstock, candy, popcorn, silly putty, sour candy, nuts, peppermints, Jollyranchers, M & M’s and any other little gifts they’d love! So follow the tutorial below and see how it’s done!

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Tutorial Valentines Gift Box | Buy on Amazon Pink Cardstock
Box of sunshine
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