Vintage Hand Mirror Wall Art

find old mirrors at the flea market and repaint the edges in fun colors
Great idea for Alice in wonderland themed bathroom
Great Use for Hand Held Mirrors
Grouped vintage engraved hand mirrors inside old empty frame
hand mirror decor
Hand mirror wall
Mirrors and frames together
Old hand mirrors in my guest bath
Vintage mirrors
White shabby chic decor Personally I would add a few more touches of color

Next time you’re down at your local flea market or garage sale try to get hold of some vintage hand held mirrors so you can create some ultra cool wall decor like in the image below. Then take some time to polish them up but you’ll still want to have the “vintage” effect so any small blemishes on the actual reflective part will simply add to the character. You could also spray paint them like in the tutorial below but I’d probably just polish them and maintain their vintage chic! Once mounted on the wall they’ll add a real conversation piece to your bathroom, living room or bedroom!

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Tutorial Vintage Hand Mirror Wall Art | Buy on Amazon Brasso Polish
hand mirror wall decor
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