LED Lighting Idea for Outdoor Wedding Party

An long table outdoors surrounded by the perfect lighting
An outdoor reception at night with string lights and lanterns galore
Big screen slide show at this outdoor event with hanging lights
enchanted hanging string lights for an outdoor wedding
FABULOUS outdoor wedding lighting via layers of extravagant chandeliers
hanging Outdoor Wedding Lighting
intimate Backyard Outdoor Lighting Idea that uses Mason jars with candles
Its a starry night at this outdoor wedding
Lantern party outdoor wedding party lighting
Love is in the Air via this Love inspired outdoor wedding lighting
magical tunnel of outdoor wedding lighting
Outdoor dream wedding aisle with lights
outdoor lighting wedding
Outdoor lights for wedding reception
Outdoor lights for wedding reception
Outdoor Reception
Outdoor Wedding Lighting
Outdoor Wedding Lighting
Outdoor Wedding Lighting
Outdoor Wedding Lighting
rustic outdoor wedding party lighting via candles flowers and wood tree stumps
Tent Outdoor Wedding Lights
the tree and the chandelier

When the sun goes down nothing sets the mood at an outdoor wedding like the right lighting. In the image below they’ve used tall, round cafe style tables draped in petal tablecloths. But the magic happens with the lighting underneath – which you can re-create with a battery operated lantern. The lanterns below have 200 hours of battery life, have 800 lumens (which means they’re super bright) and are also water resistant to ensure your outdoor lighting burns brightly all night.

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Buy on Amazon LED Lantern $29.50 | Petal Tablecloth $36.89
Uplit Cocktail illuminated tables
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