20+ Healthy Christmas Treats for Kids

If you find it hard to find healthy Christmas treats then why not try out some of the yummy recipes below? So much festive food is packed full of sugar, gluten or processed ingredients so the more you take matters into your own hands the better! I’m all for letting my kids indulge every now and then but I want them to be able to enjoy Christmas and soak up the festive atmosphere without overdoing it and rotting their teeth!

View Tutorial Strawberry and Banana SantasStrawberry and Banana Santas

View Tutorial Sandwich Christmas TreeSandwich Christmas Tree

View Tutorial Rainbow Colored KabobsRainbow Colored Kabobs

View Tutorial Kiwi Christmas WreathKiwi Christmas Wreath

View Tutorial Santa Veggie TraySalad Santa

View Tutorial Watermelon Christmas TreeWatermelon Christmas Tree

View Tutorial Fruit Christmas TreeApple Grape and Berry Christmas Tree

View Tutorial Banana Waffles with Fresh Banana SlicesBanana Waffles with Fresh Banana Slices

View Tutorial Fruity Bug TreatsBug treats

View Tutorial Cucumber Christmas TreeCucumber Christmas Tree

View Tutorial Cute Christmas Sandwiches for PartiesCute Christmas sandwiches

View Tutorial Fruit WandsFairy Fruit Wands

View Tutorial Christmas Tree Veggie TrayFestive Christmas Tree Veggie tray

View Tutorial Fruity PeacockFruity Peacock

View Tutorial Hot Dog RocketsHot Dog Rockets

View Tutorial Wise Owl Fruity ToastPeanut Butter Owls

View Tutorial Pineapple owlPineapple owl

View Tutorial Grinch KabobsGrinch Kabobs

View Tutorial Strawberry and Banana Santa PancakeStrawberry and Banana Santa Pancake

View Tutorial Apple and Grape TurtlesTurtle Apple and grape snack

View Tutorial Watermelon StarsWatermelon Stars

View Tutorial Cucumber Christmas TreeCucumber Christmas Tree

View Tutorial Fruit KabobsFruit Kabobs