How to Make a Floral Balloon Arch for Baby Showers

Floral balloon arches are perfect for baby showers, weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries and have now become something something of a party classic. If you have the time to spare can be a super fun and budget friendly way to add pizzazz to a space.

But what I love especially about this balloon arch is the vibrancy of the balloon colors and the fresh flowers; it really looks a lot more contemporary and stylish. And you can totally customize it to the style of your day, whether it’s a boys or girls baby shower or any other awesome kind of party you’re having!

Step 1 Ok this is when you’ve needed a balloon pump like never before..because you’ll need at least 100 balloons of varying sizes, depending on how big you want your arch.

Step 2 Next, you’ll want to place several glue dots on each balloon. Then stick the balloons together and make flower bouquets.

Step 3 Using command hooks, gaffer tape and chicken wire create your arch.

Step 4 Use packing tape to attach your floral bouquets to the chicken wire.

Step 5 Add fresh or faux flowers and there you have it – an amazing floral arch worthy of any party. (You should try to get this done the day before the party as you’ll need at least 4-6 hours to complete this!)

Floral Balloon Arch | Cheap and Easy Baby Shower Decorations for Girls