Photo Frame Key Holder

To get access anywhere you need a key. Someone told me once that everything opens with the right key. For those of you who put their keys everywhere and don’t find them when you need them the most I’m going to present you some interesting ways to put your keys, and never lose them again. The need for a key holder is a real fact in our modern life.

Scandinavian style key holder

Source: Ashleigh Lauren


More ideas…

DIY key holder decorate a picture frame and add hooks

diy key holder with photos

diy key holder with photos

DIY key holder This is seriously so fabulous

DIY Key Holder Wooden shadow box fabric

DIY nail string art HOME key holder

diy scrap wood coat rack or key holder

driftwood keyholder

I Love This Clever Home Made Key Holder For The Fire Stations Chief Office

Key holder frame

Key holder string art

Rustic Key Holder I found most of my supply at Michaels Wood board chalk paint burlap

Texas key holder could even make it longer with cabinet knobs to hang jackets