Large Block Letters for Birthday Parties

pink blocks
A absolute must use exact coordination of color and decoration
Baby girl blocks to decorate a Baby Shower Diaper boxes or similar gift wrap and I made the crown and letters with the Cameo Silhouette machine
Baby shower boy name backdrop rustic
Block letters baby shower
Blocks I made for my sons Toy Story Birthday party
Can change colors for a girl
gifts blocks
I like the letter on the boxes idea
pink blocks
Unicorn Baby Shower Backdrop with babys name on blocks
Wine boxes covered and stacked up with Olivias name at front door for sweet

Name letter blocks make an awesome decoration and focal point for birthday parties! If its for a boys birthday you can use blue, orange and red colors and for girls you can use pinks, whites, yellows and gold. In the below image you can see they used a combination of pink wrapping paper and gold polka dot wrapping paper – so just follow the steps below and you’ll be done in not time!

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Tutorial DIY Block Letters | Buy on Amazon Pink Polka Dot Jumbo Gift Wrap $8.47
Block letters baby shower
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