DIY Mermaid Decor Ideas for Girls Bedrooms

beach style mason jars
box with seashells
Bubble Wall out of plastic bottle bottoms
Cardboard tridents
Cardboard tridents
Jellyfish clear plastic bowl shower cap and iridescent wrapping paper cut in a spiral
Little mermaid decor
Little mermaid decorations
mermaid bedroom decor ideas
Mermaid Kisses and Starfish Wishes Chalk Board Wood Block Sign
mermaid pallet board
mermaid pallet decor
mermaid wall decor
Pink and White Tissue Paper Flowers
pool noodle coral decor
Pottery Barn Bailey Mermaid
Raffia paper lanterns fans tissue paper streamers and seashell garland created a sweet backdrop for a paradise themed photo booth
Underwater hallway leading into the classrooms hallway and out of the ocean

Give your girl the room of her dreams with a mermaid themed bedroom! From raffia paper lanterns using tissue paper streamers and jellyfish made from transparent shower caps and iridescent wrapping paper cut in a spiral, there are endless ideas you can craft for just a few dollars. In the tutorial below you’ll learn how to upcycle mason jars and turn them into a set of lanterns with magical silhouettes of mermaids and fish set against the luminescent background of the sea!

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Tutorial Mermaid Lantern Jar | Buy on Amazon LED Candles $15.99
Mermaid decorated mason jar will add an awesome marine style to your pad
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