Over the Door Shoe Organizer Ideas for Extra Storage

Barbie storage Over the door shoe organizer
Barbie storage Over the door shoe organizers
Finally My garden tools are now in one spot Over the door shoe holder
Mesh over the door shoe holder from the Container Store hung on the back shower wall gives each person pockets to store their shampoo conditioner body wash
Overdoor Shoe Organizer to store Barbie Dolls
ziptie a shoe organizer onto the end of your shelf instant storage

There’s no doubt about it but over-the-door pocket organizers are one of my favorite organizing tools. You can pretty much store anything in them and because the pockets are clear you can find things easily. They’re also really awesome in the kitchen – I put a lot of bags of stuff like rice/beans/ grains and even garbage bags for easy and quick access. What I love the most about them is simply that they create storage space on a surface that isn’t normally used for storage.

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over the door organizers for snacks
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