How to Make a Unicorn Cake

Blue pink
Dreamcatcher cake
Moist almond cake with vanilla buttercream
Pastel swirls
Pink purple
Pink and Gold Unicorn Cake
Pretty rainbow pastel unicorn cake and matching smash cake
Quilted with pearls
Rainbow Dash cake
Rainbow ribbons
Rainbow Unicorn Cake and Cupcakes
Rainbow sheet cake
Sweet swirls
Tinker bell magic swirl cake
Trolls Birthday Cake
Two Tier Unicorn Cake
Unicorn Cake with rainbow colors
Unicorn cake with rainbow mane
Unicorn with flowers
Water paint cake

Unicorns just make everything better, especially cakes! So first up you’ll want to mix up your dry ingredients (flour, baking powder and salt). Next in a large mixing bowl start adding your butter, shortening and sugar and mix it together until it’s light and fluffy. Then start adding your egg whites bit by bit and mix every time you add some. Then add your extracts and follow the tutorial below to see how to finish it off!

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unicorn cake recipe
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