St Patricks Day Shamrock Art

Handprint Shamrock
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Dinosaur Handprint
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Fun and easy craft for St Patricks Day
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St Patricks day baby feet idea

Learn how to make an awesome St Patricks Day pot of gold with your kids and create a great keepsake for years to come! Supplies you’ll need: sheet of white paper, sheet of green construction paper, black construction paper, white crayon, paint pen or white out pen, paint in the colors of the rainbow, dishes, brushes, gold foil chocolate coins, scissors and glue. Start off by tracing and cutting out a simple pot shape from black construction paper. Write “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” with a white pen. With brushes, paint child’s fingers and palm with each color of the rainbow in order. Follow the tutorial below to finish off this amazing craft!

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Tutorial St. Patrick’s Day Hand Print Pot of Gold | Buy on Amazon Washable Kids Paint
St Patricks day baby hand and foot print art
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