100 Super Fun Christmas Party Ideas for Family

Marshallow Madness
Get 3x sweats and put as many balloons in as possible Great fun
Christmas party favors So simple Toilet paper rolls fill with candy wrap tie with ribbons
Special gift in the Center Consist of Packing Tape Saran Wrap Gift wrap Plastic grocery bags and funny notes inside
Kids Game snowball transfer with cotton balls
Extreme beer pong
Shot roulette Shots filled with alcohol water soda But mostly alcohol
Ball and cup game
Ping Pong Twerk
Pucker Up
Candy Bar Medals
Magnet play I think this would make kids giggle
Party favors for a Nerf gun party
Pass the ball into cones
Pass the straw party game
Water squirt and ball game
Blow on the ping pong ball to get it through the modeling clay maze
Motor skill development
Building game using skewers and foam blocks
Tower building game using paper plates and cups
Throw balls into hoop

Here’s an awesome collection of 100 party games you can play at Christmas, birthdays, baby showers or just when you’re hanging out with friends. They’re all super fun and all of them can be played with really inexpensive items you can pick up at your local dollar store.

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Motor skill development
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