Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids

toilet roll castle craft
tp tube car with eyes
Monkey toilet paper roll craft
Paper roll Superheroes for my nephew
Toilet roll airplane Airplane art
tp tube butterfly craft
tp tube caterpillar pencil holder
tp tube ladybird
tp tube mice
tp tube ballerinas
tp tube princess
DIY toilet paper roll craft lion butterfly frog elephant and owl
TP tube cats fold down the tops to form the ears pipecleaner tail
tp tube crocodile

The list of paper roll crafts you can do with your children is endless and in the tutorial below you’ll learn how to make a paper roll: mouse, bumble bee, frog, penguin and butterfly. The supplies are very simple – toilet Paper Roll, colorful papers , googly eyes and glue.

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View Tutorial 5 Easy Paper Roll Crafts
tp tube animal crafts
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