Upcycle PVC Pipe into Awesome Storage Solutions

White PVC pipe shoe storage
Brown PVC pipe shoe storage
Copic pen holder made with pvc pipe and a hot glue gun
DIY Shoes storage from PVC
K cup storage using PVC
PVC 4 inch pipe coupling acrylic paint storage
PVC pipe glued together in holder could be adapted to hold brushes or paint tubes too
PVC pipe screwdriver storage
PVC Pipe Stationery Storage
PVC pipe storage for stationery
PVC Pipe Tool Storage
PVC Wine Rack
PVC Wine Rack
Red PVC pipe shoe storage
Store cable ties in PVC pipe
Vinyl storage solution using PVC pipe

Learn how to upcycle your old PVC pipes into awesome storage for your home or work areas. PVC pipes are so flexible and can be used to store shoes, paints, screwdrivers, paint and craft supplies, wine bottles etc. For this tutorial you’ll need varying widths of PVC pipe that you’ll cut into 3 inch lengths with your circular saw. You’ll then attach them to plywood and hang it on your wall.

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Adhesive sealant PVC pipe storage
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