Yummy Easter Cookie Recipes

Hoppy Easter
bunny butts
Bunny carousel
Bunny rabbits
Jumping bunnies
pastel bunnies
Peeps silhouette
Pink polka dots
pink rabbit
Polka dot bunnies
Bunnies eggs

Learn how to make these delicious Easter cookies in no time at all! First of all you’ll want use your Easter cookie cutter set and make about half a dozen Easter eggs and Easter bunny shapes. Next up you’ll want to use your brush to apply the royal icing (flood consistency). Next, decorate with piping dots while the base icing is still wet. For the bunnies, pipe the ears, eyes and nose when the base is completely dry. Pipe the tail to a stiff consistency. Watch the rest of the tutorial below to finish it off and don’t forget to get your kids involved as they’ll love making these delicious cookies!

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Brown rabbit
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